Situated on Mosby Creek, the township of Bamaga is the unofficial capital of the Northern Peninsula Area. Local industries include fishing, pearling, agriculture, cattle and tourism. Although situated on the mainland, Bamaga is classed as part of the Torres Strait Island region and the culture of the Torres Strait island people is evident throughout the township and Cape York Peninsula Lodge. Bamaga offers a peaceful and laid-back lifestyle in a truly tropical environment.

Cape York is a true adventure paradise with a range of touring options that can be booked from Cape York Peninsula Lodge. With its stunning scenery and natural environments, fascinating history and enduring Aboriginal and Islander cultures, exploring the vast wilderness of Cape York Peninsula is a life enhancing experience.

Accessible all year round Cape York Peninsula Lodge is the ideal base to explore the Tip of Australia.

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World Class Fishing

Fishing charters – Cape York is recognised internationally for its incredible fishing experiences. From remote freshwater billabongs, rivers and estuaries, beaches and headlands, wharves and of course the reefs and islands, Cape York is a fishing paradise!
Target species include: Barramundi, King Salmon, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark, Black Jewfish, Queenfish, Giant Trevally, Spanish Mackeral and Tuna.

We recommend pre booking Fishing Tours to avoid disappointment.

There are however a multitude of amazing land based fishing spots which are accessible year round.


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4WD Adventures

Cape York is one of Australia’s last great wilderness areas and is a dream destination for 4WD enthusiasts. The Old Telegraph Track follows the original telegraph line through the Peninsula, and for much of the Cape’s history was the only available route to the north. The Jardine River National Park is a national park, on the tip of Cape York Peninsula, containing several waterfalls and rock pools, including Fruit Bat Falls and Twin Falls, where the waters of Elliot River and Canal Creek meet.
For those that have arrived by air or sea we provide private 4WD tours to The Tip, Somerset, Jardine River and Fruit Bat Falls.
Itineraries can be adapted to suit your interests.

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Thursday Island Tours

The 18 islands of the Torres Strait are Australia’s most northerly region, located 39 kilometres north of the Australian mainland. The administrative and business hub of the Torres Strait Islands is Thursday (Waiben) Island. Visitors to Thursday Island can experience one of Australia’s Indigenous cultures, local art, community markets, relics of the pearling industry, colonial architecture and tours of significant sites from World War Two.

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Cape York Peninsula is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream. With many species of wildlife that are endemic to the area. Cape York also has a range of species found in Arnhem Land, North East Queensland and Papua New Guinea.

The elusive Ulysses Butterfly calls Cape York Peninsula Lodge home.

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Cape York Peninsula is noted for the strong, rich culture of the Aboriginal people and their Islander neighbours of the Torres Strait. Vibrant and diverse, this region offers opportunities to absorb and connect with the ancient rhythms of this ancient land and people.

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